Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup - Restore Backup iTunes Files

At times your iPhone Backup files can become corrupt, leaving you with nothing! can actually Fix Corrupt iPhone Backup files, and get your data restored, even after this problem has occured. Many of you may have loaded up your iTunes Cloud Restore function, only to find an error message. This can even happen on your iPhone 4 / 4S and 5.

Windows Version          Mac Version

The iPhone Data Recovery Software has an option to extract files from your corrupt iTunes Restore File. Although this software is not free, it is really a valuable investment, and can be used for future issues too. This is a common problem many users are facing, good news is, it can be fixed, and your backup files can still be restores. So dont give up on your old data.
The 3 error messages that you may be getting are:

Backup session failed to finish

iPhone Backup corrupt

iTunes not Compatible with your iPhone

You dont want to have to delete your Backup files, because they are important to you. If you want your important files back, you need to use the iPhone Backup Extractor tool.

Here is a screenshot of how the software works, all the corrupt backup files it has scanned and found, and the automatic restore and extract feature.

But first you may want to try the following steps these steps. If your iTunes is trying to restore, but instead gives you an error message, it is simpler than you think. Another common error message is your iTunes is no longer compatible with the iPhone being synced

The first thing you want to look at, is if you are have installed and updated to the latest version of iTunes. Because you havent used your iTunes for so long before syncing, you may be out of date. So therefore the old version of iTunes may just not work anymore.

Now, try to do another backup from iTunes, if the backup works, then you will now be able to restore your files back onto your iPhone. If you still get an error message when trying to Backup, then you will need to use the iPhone Backup Extractor Tool. This is a very handy piece of software, that will get you out of trouble.

The iPhone Backup Extractor will save your lost files, if you have important photos, documents, emails, app data, sms, messages, contacts that you have lost, this solution will work for you.

It works for all versions of iTunes and all iPhones, including iPhone 4 / 4S and 5. And can be installed on Windows , Mac , and Linux

This is an automatic software that scans your corrupt backup file, and finds all your lost files automatically.

It will then list all your data on your iPhone, allowing you to choose which files you want to restore back to your iPhone.

The iPhone Backup Extractor software will save you time and money,

I hope this has helped you get what you need back to your iPhone!