Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Should You Wait For iPhone 6? 5s?

There have been rumours ciculating yet again about the next iPhone to be released already. Should you wait for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 4s? Or just jump in and get the iPhone 5 right now. Its not long since the iPhone 5 has just hit our shores, but reviews h ave not been overly impressive for the latest model. Many iFans have been thinking, maybe they should be holding out for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s depending on which name they will call it. As the next model is set to have some rumored features that look even more impressive.

It really depends which iPhone you have right now. If you have an old iPhone 3GS then i recommend getting the iPhone 5 now, and not waiting any longer to upgrade. As the older iPhones are very much outdated. So if you have a really old version, why not, go for the iPhone 5, it will make a huge difference for you.

But, i think if you have the 4S and wanting to upgrade, i might wait until next year when they release another newer version. As the 5 does not have too many extra wow factors in comparison. So it cant hurt to hold out.

So whats the rumors for the next iPhone?

The main rumor im hearing is that it will have a draw on screen function. So you can write on your screen, instead of typing, so you can draw on the screen, with the pen, for graphics also. For example if you want to write a document, it can be annoying to press the on screen keyboard buttons. So maybe it will feel more comfortable and faster to write just like you would pen to paper. Your device will then recognize each letter writted and translate the words into text on your screen.

I have actually tested this function out myself, on another brand phone from Hong Kong. On a recent trip over there i have seen some advanced technology, that Apple will pick up for the next device.

Apart from this as the main feature, there will me minor upgrades in screen resolutions and camera resolutions as per usual. Apparently using a Sharp IZGO technology screen, and a faster A processor chip too.

The next iPhone will be released in the Spring of 2013 and the price will be similar to all other new models.

As for my opinion, if you already have an iPhone in good conditions, and works fine, then you dont really need to upgrade to any new models yet. Wait until something more spectacular comes out!