Monday, 18 March 2013

Where Is iPad Trash Folder - Need To Get File Back?

Can`t find where your iPad Trash Folder is located? Thats because iPad does not have a recycle trash bin. To undelete files on your iPad you have to use iTunes Restore or the iPad Recovery Tool.

First try your iTunes Restore File, connect your iPad to your Computer, PC or Mac, and load up iTunes. Go to the iTunes Restore File, and see if you can restore your deleted files from your iPad. But if you have not done a backup for a while, then your lost file will not be in your Restore File. Also, make sure not to do a restore, otherwise you could lose other recent files that have not been backed up.

 iPad Recover Trash Windows                 iPad Recover Trash Mac

The second option is the iPad Recovery Tool, this software tool will undelete any lost files, photos, videos, messages, contacts, smses, and all data. This is an automatic tool, that will get your files back, without having to go through the whole iTunes Restore technical option.

It is basically an iPad Trash Folder that you can access through your computer. It lets you see everything on your iPad, all your files, and also anything that you have deleted, just like a trash bin would.

All you have to do now is download and run the software, connect your iPad to your PC or Mac, Set your iPad in DFU mode, and run a file scan on your computer.

You will be amazed at what you can find on your iPad, it will scan your whole system, and show you absolutely everything. Find old files again, find old photos that you took years ago, get back videos that you forgot you had. And most importantly undelete that important file that you need back.

Its great to see software like this tool, that can help out in so many ways. Not everyone knows about all these options that can be used. So let your friends know if they are having file issues on their iPad too.