Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Can My Jailbroken iPhone Get A Virus? iPhone AntiVirus Software

Now that you have jailbroken your iPhone, you have opened up your operating system iOS to more potential virus attacks. But not to worry, there are not too many iPhone viruses out there. You can get a virus on your iPhone if you install cracked apps, that are not approved by iTunes app store. So if you are using Apptrackr or Cydia, or another third party, you really have to watch out what your now installing on your jailbroken iPhone device.

To be secure and safe you can download an antivirus program for your iPhone. This will protect you against any unauthorized apps with viruses, prevent third party internet apps from accessing your system files, and taking over control of your iPhone.

Also, beware, even if you havent jailbroken your iPhone there are a couple of viruses out there that can affect your device. Although they are less common then the old Microsoft type worms, you can never be sure. Especially once an operating system and device gets popular, there are always hackers trying to take advantage of you.

There is a virus that is spread using SMS messaging, if you open the viral SMS and click on the link, then your device will be infected, and then it will send the virus via SMS to your contacts in your device.

There is a virus called the Rick Astley virus, or rickrolling virus, this virus keeps resetting your iPhone wallpaper to the popular 80s singer called "Rick Astley".

Most importantly there is a Worm out there that is targeting jailbroken iPhones, this Worm takes control of your device, blocking your data, and block you from using it. Deleting this worm can be a major issue, and you could lose your data from doing so.

For example the iPhone Virus seen in the above photo, this is a fake message, and if you click ok to download, you actual download the virus, instead of the solution. This virus can cause havoc to your iPhone, and can cause your personal information to be stolen and spread. Including bank details, account passwords, contacts, messages, and documents.

With the introduction of these new viruses and worms, there could be danger signs ahead. I think its only a matter of time before a major worm or trojan is released and that will affect iPhone users globally and widespread. So make sure your data is backed up, and your device is protected with an anti virus software app.